Chicken mushroom soup recipe

Chicken mushroom soup recipe is the perfect food if you're not feeling well or feel chilly or cant wait what your mother or wife main dish to come, this dish gives you instant boost to your body.

Our Chicken mushroom soup recipe has no preservatives.

All natural.
ToolsDeep PotWooden LadleKnifeBowl Ingredients
Minced chicken boiled breast, 50 gramsMinced white mushroom, 50 grams1 piece medium size onion, chopped3 pieces spring onion leaves, chopped1 tablespoon melted butter, unsalted1/2 teaspoon salt1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper1 egg white, stirred1 tablespoon cornstarch1 liter water ProcedureBoil chicken with 1 liter water and wait till cooked then set asideSaute onion with butter and wait till slightly brown in a potAdd mushroom and wait about 10 minutesAdd salt and ground pepperAdd chicken stock and let it boil for 5 minutesAdd minced or shredded chickenAdd cornstarch mixed with 2 tablespoon water and let it boilSimmer for about 5 minutes then garnish with the spring onionServ…

Crispy Fried Chicken Recipe

Crispy Fried Chicken is the top favorite of my kids from growing up to fully grown adults. It has a distinct taste that is wholeheartedly loved by youngsters, adults and even those seniors. This pinoy dish is the most common dish they served on special occasions.

Our Crispy fried chicken recipe has no preservatives.
It is highly recommended for kids or teens only.
Breading and frying your chicken makes it unhealthy.
Organic chicken can be slightly healthier than conventionally raised chicken since it hasn't been given antibiotics or food exposed to pesticides.
ToolsFrying Pan or Large wokTong Ingredients
1 liter vegetable oil1 kilo chicken legs3 eggs, beated2 cups flour, all purpose1/2 cup corn flour1 teaspoon salt1 teaspoon ground black pepper5 cloves garlic1 teaspoon rosemary leaves, pounded (alternatives: basil, thyme) ProcedureMix salt, ground pepper, rosemary leaves and chicken legsMarinate for about 15-20 minutesPrepare beated eggs then set asideMix cornstarch and all purpose f…

Sinigang na Salmon

Sinigang na Salmon is the best sinigang recipe that you can ever taste. It has sour taste that comes from the mango and the spiciness from the finger chilli with a perfect combination of ginger and onions. This pinoy dish has a lot of different cooking methods depending on what region you are in the Philippines.

Our Sinigang na Salmon recipe has no preservatives.
It is highly recommended for everyone specially those who has health problems.
All natural.

Tools KnifeWooden / Metal LadleChopping BoardMedium WokElectric Kettle or just plain kettle Ingredients2 pieces Salmon Heads (chop the size you want)1 big size mango, sliced1 thumbsize of ginger, cubed1 big onion, cubed¼ lb fresh petchay4 pieces finger Chili1 liter waterSalt to taste ProcedureAdd salt, onions, ginger, finger chilli, mango, salmon fish to the wok simultaneously. Arrange it the way you want it to if necessary.It should be in low fire and cook for a 4-5 minutes or half cooked.Add the 1 liter water to the electric kettle and l…

Noodle stick soup with vegetables

Noodle stick soup with vegetables is an East and Southeast Asian dish. It packs with anti-aging and anti-oxidant ingredients and good for those who are in a diet. This is a budget friendly dish

ToolsKnifeWooden ladleChopping BoardSmall wok Ingredients1 piece medium size bell pepper, chopped1 piece small size carrot, chopped1/4 of medium size cabbage, chopped250 grams noodle stick2 tablespoon patis1 pinch ground black pepper1 tablespoon olive oil4 cloaves of garlic1 piece medium size red onion2 cups of water ProcedureCook it in low fire, adjust to medium if necessaryPrepare your wokSaute garlic and onion simultaneouslyAdd carrots till wiltedAdd patis and ground black pepperAdd all the remaining vegetablesAfter 5 minutes, add water and let it boilAdd the noodle stickSimmer about 10 minutesThen serve Serving Size4 persons Cooking TimePrep time: 5 minutesCook time: 15-20 minutesTotal: 20-25 minutes Macro/Micro NutrientsVitamin KVitamin CBeta-caroteneVitamin BFiber Health Benefits Noodle st…

Chop suey Recipe

Chop suey is a pinoy dish that has a full pack of ingredients. It consist of pork or chicken meat, shrimp and different variation of vegetables. Learning how to cook this Chopsuey recipe its not an easy task as it involves a lot of ingredients to prepare. But once you completed this recipe, you'll have a bit taste of heaven.

Ingredients:4 tablespoons of corn oil or vegetable oil3 tablespoons of sesame oil3 tablespoons of patis (fish sauce)5 cloves garlic, diced2 onions, diced2 cups chicken stock (broth)1/4 kilo cauliflower, broken to bite size1/4 kilo cabbage, cut into squares1/4 kilo pork, sliced into small pieces1/4 kilo chicken liver and gizzard, sliced to small pieces1/4 kilo string beans1/4 kilo snow peas (sitsaro)1/4 kilo deveined  and halved shrimp2 stalks of leeks, cut into 2" long pieces3 stalks celery, cut into 2" long pieces1 carrot, sliced thinly1 piece red bell pepper, cut in strips1 piece green bell pepper. cut in strips2 tablespoons of cornstarch, dissolve…

Dinengdeng with fried fish

Dinengdeng is an Ilocano dish from the Philippines.There are different varieties of dinengdeng all over the Ilocano Region, In fact in Agoo, La Union they're celebrating the dinengdeng festival every year in the month of May.One of the highlights of the festival is they show us the 100 varieties of dinengdeng.

Dinengdeng is one of the healthiest dish you can make because it does not require pork or any meat to make it delicious,fried or grilled fish will do and the sweetness coming from the freshly picked vegetables.The ingredients indicated above can be replace by other vegetables.Not only this vegetables are cheap but also they have lot of nutrients.

Dinengdeng with Fried Fish                                                                                                                                                        
yield: 3 pax

20pcs sitaw (snake beans) cut into 2 inches
3 pcs small ampalaya (bitter melon) cored and sliced
2 bundles Saluyot
150g dried sh…