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These terms and conditions govern your use of PinoyDishes as a provider of home cooked pinoy dishes that you can use for personal consumption. By pursuing the site's services utilization, you are bound by the organization's terms and conditions of this agreement. Otherwise, PinoyDishes will prohibit your access to its services and you should cease from using our services.

The modification of the agreement from time to time is anticipated without notice to PinoyDishes users. Review the agreement periodically so as to accustom yourself with our provisions and continue using the site's content and services.


The content contained in the site, but not limited to text, images, and design, except as otherwise claimed, may not be copied, displayed, distributed, altered, reproduced, and be part of any manner not governed by PinoyDishes. The copies to be generated from the PinoyDishes website are for non-commercial use only. You may print or download information from the domain for personal application only. You may recopy the extracted data provided that you will acknowledge the source as PinoyDishes.com.

Account Information

Once signed up in the website, you are responsible for using PinoyDishes services using your username and password, whether it is made by you or another party. Protecting and securing your account from unauthorized use is in your account. Unless there is a breach of security in your access to the site, notifying PinoyDishes will positively help refuse further user permission of your reported account.

Accuracy of Information

Warranties are not subjected to any of the information PinoyDishes.com and its affiliates post on the site. Exclusion from law warranties is applied to the adequacy, quality, and accuracy of the information or services provided by the company. As a user, you bear all the results of using any data from the site, whether it is risk or a beneficial outcome. Validating the integrity of the data is your responsibility. PinoyDishes.com declares itself not predisposed for the damages and losses resulted from its content availability.

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