Privacy Policy

The privacy statement of PinoyDishes pertains to information collection of the site from its users and its practices applied on treating the obtained user data. Regular changes may be applied to this privacy policy, thereby encouraging users to check the statement from time to time.

The use of PinoyDishes indicates that you have been acquainted with the privacy practices of the site and you accept the statement outlined.

Information Collection

We collect information that you knowingly choose to disclose through signing up for comments and updates. These data are collected individually and are not mandatory. There is no limitation to who can sign up to comment and suggest recipes through PinoyDishes. The general user information is inclusive to username, password, and full name (not necessarily your true identification) or use your social media accounts for universal login for comments and updates leaving off financial information such as credit card accounts, personal information etc.

Cookies or web server logs are not collected nor utilized by PinoyDishes to determine how the website is used. Cookies, as defined, allow web servers to trace computer access to a particular site. These are small pieces of data stored in the hard drive or web browser of the user. Pages viewed, time span of using the web site, and date and time of visits are included in the information obtained from cookies. The data are solely non-personally identifiable.

Account Information Used

The account and personal information you have made known will be utilized to give you requested content and information on the PinoyDishes services, updates, features, and news via email. Your personally identifiable information will help PinoyDishes to communicate with you if circumstances allow, such as for inquiries, account management request, and specific service demand. Divulging user accounts is not expected of PinoyDishes. The site does not share, distribute, or trade information of its users for promotional purposes. This is in compliance with law concerning disclosure of personal information and protecting the rights of web users.

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