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Mary Aspiras

      - Hi, I'm Mary and I am a mother of 6 fully grown adults. I've been a Chef for 26 long years in Saudi Arabia. Working from a businessman that owns 21 large hospitals, then a military officer turned to diplomat during my stay and lastly a senator that I got the chance to travel around the world especially in europe.  Now that all my kids except my youngest daughter are college graduates and are able to work, I decided to go home and start my own blog. Hoping you guys will love my recipe as I put them here regularly.

Jenny Aspiras

     - Hey, I'm Jeny Aspiras, I'd like to welcome you to https://www.pinoydishes.com. Here's a little information about me. Ever since I was a kid I love to play with foods thinking that I'm a chef. When I was about to decide what course to get in college I decided to take Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Management hoping that someday I will have my own restaurant and be the chef of it. I learned a lot but I still need to know more, because that course focuses on management and kitchen applications are minimal that is why I decided to enroll at Magsaysay Center of Hospitality and Culinary Arts. It was fun and challenging. Now I'm accepting orders of muffins and cakes from friends and relatives.It was great and satisfying to do what you love.In culinary "practice makes perfect" especially in pastry but don't be afraid to make mistakes because you will learn from it.Hope I can help you with your recipes and looking forward to posting more recipes.

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